Its lake season!! So this back hair needed to be addressed! I'm sure some guys know what I mean! I highly recommend visiting Shade for the sugaring hair removal. Holly was so knowledgeable and super friendly! She walked me through every step and explained how to take care of my skin after she was done. Definitely will be back for follow up treatments!! Such an amazing establishment and staff!!

— Josh


So, I am a big baby when it comes to pain. I was very skeptical about getting sugared for fear of how it would feel, but it was absolutely wonderful! Holly was AMAZING with her sugaring techniques and I will definitely be going back! On my legs it lasted about 3 weeks before I really noticed my hair growing back and about 4 weeks for my underarms! I have fine hair on both legs and underarms, but my gosh it was FIIIIINE when it grew back. I can't wait to get it done again! <3#ShadeSunlessSpa #BestInLittleRock

— Chelsy

I tried sugaring my legs with Holly at SHADE and am OBSESSED with the results! If you don’t know what “sugaring” is, it is similar to waxing except that it is made with natural ingredients and is much better for your legs. I’m the kind of girl who shaves her legs in the morning and ends up with a 5 o’clock shadow. It has been over a week and my legs are still baby soft and smooth! I’m so excited to see if it lasts the 4-6 weeks it is supposed to, but at this point I believe it will! The staff (Holly, Emily, and Jordan) were fabulous and so kind. Despite having all my leg hair ripped out, I had a great time and am actively recommending SHADE to every person I know!

— Elizabeth

I tried sugaring for the first time, and Holly made it a great experience! The staff are very friendly and helpful, and they show you what they are doing while explaining why! She answered all of my 1000 questions because of my curiosity. Overall a wonderful experience and I’m definitely setting up another appointment soon!

— Morgan